Come and take advantage of the best instruction in the Golden Isles!

The Jill Stanford Dance Center owned and operated by Jill Stanford Reeves, offers the most diversified dance curriculum for Glynn and surrounding counties. The school which has been in operation for 33 years, strives to provide the best instruction in a professional and friendly atmosphere. With studios located in Brunswick and on St. Simons Island, the Dance Center offers a wide variety of classes in all disciplines of dance. Classes are offered in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. Adult classes are also available. Dance is fun and exciting at the Jill Stanford Dance Center! It takes practice and hard work to become an accomplished dancer, but from the beginning student to the senior dancer, the physical, mental and social experiences can bring great satisfaction to all who participate. The studio offers a great avenue for those seeking the fun and excitement of a challenging activity.

   Southern Dance Theatre

    Through many years in the dance business, Jill strives to to bring new and exciting opportunities to her students.  In 1994 she formed Southern Dance Theatre a local production company.  Open to all dancers in the area, SDT produces annual productions that have become favorites within Glynn and surrounding counties.  The Nutcracker Ballet was the premier production for 15 years during the holiday season, closing to standing ovations show after show, year after year.  In 2009 "The Grinch"with a cast of over 80 members, took it's place and was such a great success it has been slated for the next few years.


Stanford Style Dance Company

 Stanford Style Dancers are the company dancers of the Jill Stanford Dance Center. Company dancers travel to competitions, conventions and special events to elevate their dance experience to the next level. Being a company dancer is not all about winning and the trophies, it's about learning how to get along with others, learning who you are and being proud of it, holding your head up high, moving with purpose and control, and most of all performing on stage!  Yes, we do believe that all of our dancers young and old learn these life lessons, being a company dancer allows you to take them to the next level.  Auditions for both company's are held in the spring. Age restrictions apply. Students must be recommended by an instructor in order to audition for the Stanford Style Dance Company.