Mrs. Jill brings over 40 years of dance experience to the school. She is an outstanding gifted teacher and a tap technician beyond words. Since 1980, she has been the successful owner and director of one of Brunswick's most recognized schools. Mrs. Jill is most-known for her children's work and her love and understanding to make dance fun for each and every student while developing them to their fullest potential. She has been a guest artist for many seminars throughout the southeast and her professional ability has been recognized by leading artists in the dance industry. Mrs. Jill has studied with Phil Black, choreographer for many Broadway musicals, motion pictures and television, the late Frank Hatchett, Mandy Moore, David Howard and many other dance professionals. She has also studied with The Joffrey Ballet, The Harkness School, Steps and the Broadway Dance Center. Mrs. Jill continuously travels to study with professionals to provide her students with "cutting edge" choreography. She holds a Masters Degree in Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre Arts.

CORI JERNIGAN Assistant Director

Mrs. Cori began her dance career at the age of two with Mrs. Jill. During her 16 years at the Jill Stanford Dance Center, Cori not only won many top awards and scholarships as a member of the competition team, but also performed at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC and the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii. Upon graduation from Brunswick High School, Cori was the recipient of The Arts and Humanities Scholarship awarded by the Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association. Cori graduated from Georgia Southern University with a B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also a graduate of Dance Educators of America Teachers Training School in NYC, and is certified to teach Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre Arts. Cori has continued her dance training in NYC studying with many well known professionals including, Bob Rizzo, Mandy Moore, Denise Wall, Ray Lepper and Greg Russell. Cori teaches all genres of dance and brings discipline and respect to the classroom while encouraging teamwork.

ANNA SALTER Instructor

Anna grew up in Brunswick, GA and started her dance career with Mrs. Jill at the age of two. Growing up, Anna was a member of the Stanford Style competition team and has competed on many stages all around the country. She has performed in various events including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Anna graduated from the College of Coastal Georgia with a B.S in American Studies. She loves to watch children grow in their art and intends to inspire them to reach their full potential.

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ANNA MARTIN Instructor

Anna found her love of dance at JSDC as a two-year-old and spent the next 16 years training and performing with the Stanford Style competition team, achieving many top awards across the country. Anna has performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and was the first to dance the role of The Grinch in 2009. Anna continued her dance career as a Dance Major at the University of Georgia during her undergraduate career. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a Master’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Anna brings great passion and many years experience to her instruction and choreography. She is delighted to return to JSDC and hopes to inspire her students as Mrs. Jill has always inspired her, by encouraging them to reach their full potential by believing in themselves.





Mrs. Tracy’s love of dance began when she was two years old, thanks to Mrs. Jill. While dancing competitively with Stanford Style Dancers she was honored to dance in both the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. After graduating from Brunswick High, Mrs. Tracy continued her dance education by attending Dance Educators of America Teachers Training School in New York City. Throughout the years, she has continued to expose herself to dance professionals such as the late Frank Hatchett, Denise Wall, and Ray Lepper at various dance conventions. Tracy instructs with a passion for dance and loves to watch her students gain confidence, poise, and self-respect through dance.